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Hong Seh Evolution

Hong Seh Evolution Pte Ltd (HSEV) is a subsidiary under Hong Seh Group.

We are a one-stop centre for 100% electric vehicles.

From vehicular enhancements to smart charging solutions and state-of-the-art aftersales equipments, we are the forerunner of sustainable transport solutions.

We have put together a finely selected range of full-battery powered vehicles for Singapore.

We provide the wheels and service needed to put your business on the road to success, while supporting Singapore in its effort to evolve into a green and sustainable future.

Hong Seh Evolution Pte Ltd.

High Performance

Fewer moving parts that enable your fleet to run more efficiently

Hong Seh Evolution Pte Ltd.

100% Electric

Reduce your carbon footprint with zero tailpipe emissions

Hong Seh Evolution Pte Ltd.

Low Running Cost

Cost per kilometre of electricity is cheaper than diesel and petrol alternatives

DFSK EC35 Electric Vehicles

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